Invitation to Speakers

The Wireless Communications Alliance invites proposals for presentations, panels, and event. Topics of interest to our audience cover a wide range of wireless communications topics. Events may focus on technical, applications, or capital/market issues. A good starting point for determining what subject areas might be of interest is to determine a unifying theme and event title.

Product sales pitches are discouraged. Discussions of a technology or application topic may include information on how your company's products tie into the presentation theme. More detailed suggestions and guidelines are provided below.

The advantages of being part of a WCA event are many and may include; personal recognition, increased awareness of your company, and membership in the distinguished and noted group of past speakers/panelists on the WCA's event archives. If you are interested in being a speaker at a WCA event, please submit a presentation proposal to

Suggestions for WCA Event Content

Speakers and panelists at past WCA events that have received the most favorable comments tend to have the following characteristics:

  • They discuss an interesting aspect in some wireless area
  • They provide information not generally known to most of the audience
  • Most presentations are moderately technically oriented, normally at the system or application level. However, some presentations have focused on business, marketing, and regulatory issues
  • For talks about a specific company's product, the speaker should avoid giving a sales pitch. It is fine to include general information about the company and its market niche, preferably later in the presentation

Areas of interest may include:

  • Overview of the market opportunity or problem being addressed
  • Methods currently in use
  • Objectives of the product/application development
  • Alternative technologies or approaches considered
  • Why your company choose the one it did
  • Challenges faced
  • Anecdotes
  • Current status
  • Partnering or subcontracting opportunities (If applicable)
  • Lessons learned

Note: Some areas suggested above may be sensitive. No material of a proprietary nature should be discussed.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Most WCA events are organized as panels, with an audience Q&A period at the end, followed by informal business networking
  • The time-target for each event is 60 minutes followed by 30 minutes for Q&A
  • If the panel will be proceeded by presentations from the panelists you will be asked to provide the presentation in PowerPoint format. All presentations will be loaded onto a single computer; to ensure a professional appearance and save time we do not allow "laptop swapping" during the event.
  • An event coordinator will ask that you send a short (~200 word) bio-sketch for use in promotional materials; please provide this bio-sketch no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date
  • Presentations help to focus attention, but should not be excessively "wordy". We advocate the 10-20-30 Rule for presentations; one slide for every two minutes, minimum 30-point font. All presentations will be loaded onto the WCA presentation system, so please provide your presentation file in PowerPoint format to the Event Chair at least 24 hours prior to the event start. Presentation system including an LCD projector and wireless microphones will be provided. Arrangements should be made two weeks in advance for other audio/visual equipment needs such as; "Elmo" document cameras, presentations with video/audio, presentations that require connectivity to the Internet, etc.
  • Audiences appreciate handouts but they are optional. If making copies of your entire presentation is a burden, copies of a few key slides or of a published article are alternate possibilities
  • In order to speak or be on a panel at a WCA event you must complete a signed Content Release Form (see below for links). Please complete this form and provide it to your event coordinator at least one week in advance of the event date

WCA Release Form (PDF format)
WCA Release Form (DOC format)

The WCA is an well-reputed association of professionals in the wireless industry. Derogatory or insensitive comments regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or national origin will not be tolerated and the WCA reserves an absolute right to censor any speaker or panelist who violates this guideline.