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November 2014 : WCA Mobile SIG
15th Annual VC Panel - What's Hot (and What's Not) in Mobility
-- Moderator: Ted Hollifield, Co-Head of Venture and M&A Practice, Alston & Bird LLP
-- Eric Zimits, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
-- John Occhipinti, Partner, Relay Ventures
-- Steve Goldberg, Partner, Venrock
-- Quinn Li, Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures
-- Jeff Karras, Managing Director, SingTel Innov8 Ventures

May 2014 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile Health Technology Innovations - Ubiquitous Monitoring Future
-- Moderator: Ashkan Afkhami, VP & GM of Healthcare, Mobiquity, Inc.
-- Bojan Bernard, Co-Founder and CEO, Azumio, Inc.
-- Sean Chai, Director of Innovation Technology Services, Kaiser Permanente
-- Stanley Yang, CEO, NeuroSky, Inc.
-- George Gardner, Co-Founder, mHealth Start-up (stealth)

May 2013 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile Devices & UX Evolution – Eyeing the Future
-- Moderator: Mark Hung, Research VP - Wireless, Gartner
-- Samir Kumar, Director of Business Development, Qualcomm Research
-- Laura Diaz, Associate Director of New Business Ventures, Verizon Wireless
-- Carolina Milanesi, Research VP, Consumer Technologies & Markets, Gartner
-- Sameer Bhalla, Senior Business Strategist, Mobile & Services UX, Samsung Electronics
-- Asad Iqbals, Head of Business Development, Pebble Technology Corp.

April 2012 : WCA Mobile SIG & Futures SIG
Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences
-- Moderator: Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG, WCA - Presentation
-- Carlos Puig, Principal Engineer – Sensor Integration, Qualcomm, Inc. (Event Sponsor) - Presentation
-- Wen Lin, Marketing Manager - iNEMO and Sensor Hub Solutions, STMicroelectronics (Motion) - Presentation
-- John Carey, Director of Marketing - TrueTouch, Cypress Semiconductor - Presentation
-- Seckin Ozdamar, Business Manager - Optical Sensors, Human Interface BU, Maxim Integrated Products - Presentation
-- Michael Karst, General Manager and CEO, Sensirion Inc. (Temperature/Humidity Sensors) - Presentation
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline
Article in FierceDeveloper by Peggy Albright

December 2011 : WCA Mobile & LBS SIG
Next Gen, Life Changing Mobile & LBS Solutions
-- Moderator: Doug Renert, Managing Entrepreneur, Tandem Entrepreneurs
-- Brian Salisbury, Director of Business Development, TeleCommunication Systems
-- Bo Begole, PARC
-- Juliana Carnes, Chief Operating Officer, MVS
-- Kayshav Dattatri, Sr. Technical Lead, Cisco Systems
-- Christophe Ramstein, CTO, Immersion

November 2011 : WCA CenterStage
12th Annual What's Hot (and What's Not) in Mobility
-- Moderator: Carrie Walsh, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
-- Dev Khare, VP, Venrock
-- Eric Zimits, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
-- Juha Christensen, Partner, Progression Partners
-- Rama Sekhar, VP, Norwest Venture Partners
-- Tae Hea Nahm, Managing Director & Founding General Partner, Storm Ventures

September 2011 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile Cloud – Thin vs. Smart Device & Services Differentiation
-- Moderator: Dr. Avril Salter, Principal Technologist, Next Direction Technologies
-- Laura Merling, Sr. VP of Applications Enablement Platforms, Alcatel-Lucent
-- Samir Kumar, Director of Business Development, Samsung Telecommunications America
-- Jamie Perlman, Sr. Director of Business Development,
-- Karun Bakshi, Director, Cloud & Infrastructure Portfolio, Microsoft BizSpark One
-- Hugh Fletcher, Associate Director of Technology, Verizon Wireless
-- Priya Abani, Senior Cloud Solutions Manager, Intel Architecture Group
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

WCA Panel 1 WCA Panel 2

May 2011 : WCA Mobile SIG
Whither Mobile App Development?
-- Moderator: Sarah Allen, Blazing Cloud
-- Adam Blum, CEO, Rhomobile
-- Andre Charland, CEO, Nitobi
-- Jeff Haynie, CEO, Appcelerator
-- Sean Shadmand, CSO, AppMakr

May 2011 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile Data Offload
-- Moderator: Stefan Pongratz, Financial Analyst, Mobility Infrastructure Market Research, Dell'Oro Group
-- Michael Luna, CTO, SEVEN Networks
-- Steve Shaw, VP Marketing, Kineto Wireless
-- Steve Sifferman, VP of Advanced Radio Systems, Powerwave
-- Greg Williams, Senior Vice-President of Corporate and Business Development, BelAir Networks
Writeup by K. Daniel Wong

April 2010 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile OS – 2010 and Beyond
-- Moderator: Lars Kamp, Executive, Accenture Growth Strategy Practice
-- David Cao, CEO, ExtendLogic
-- Todd Crick, President & CEO, inCode Telecom
-- Hugh Fletcher, Director of Technology, Verizon Wireless
-- Oliver Gunasekara, Head of N.A. for Global Alliances, Symbian Foundation
-- Asokan Thiyagarajan, Director, Samsung Telecommunications America
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

December 2009 : WCA LBS & Mobile SIG
LBS/Mobile Platforms Enabling Great Apps & Services
-- Tony Jebara, CTO, Sense Networks "Lifestyle Segmentation from Mobile Location and Call Data" - Presentation
-- Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, VP of Business Development, Skyhook Wireless "Good Location Matters" - Presentation
-- Leila Modarres, VP of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere "Perfecting LBS Application Development" - Presentation
-- Adam Blum, CEO, Rhomobile "Rapidly Mobilize Your Enterprise Apps to All Smartphones" - Presentation
-- Ellen Schwab, VP of Sales and Business Development, Telespree Communications "Evolution of Wireless Device-based Self-service" - Presentation
-- Tom Owen, VP of Business Development, deCarta "An Integrated Platform for Powering Local Mobile Search and Navigation" - Presentation
-- John Kavulich, Staff Manager Location Products and Services, Qualcomm "Powerful and Precise Location Technology Enhancing the User Experience"
WCA LBS SIG YouTube Channel (Contains video segments of this event)

September 2009 : WCA Mobile SIG
The Application Store Phenomenon (In conjunction with the Silicon Valley - China Wireless Conference 2009)
-- Moderator: Dev Khare, Vice President, Venrock
-- Mark Anderson, CEO, Hiplogic
-- Shanquan Bao, Director of Mobile Terminal & IC, China Mobile Research Institute US
-- Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Product Management, Research In Motion
-- Dan Turchin, CEO, Aeroprise
-- Charles Yu, Director of Business Development, hiSoft
-- Brian Vogelsang, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm

July 2009 : WCA Mobile SIG
Mobile Display Technologies
-- Moderator: David Witkowski, Vice President, Wireless Communications Alliance
-- Dr. Manish Kothari, Senior Director Business Operations, QUALCOMM
-- Dr. Raj Apte, Senior Engineer, PARC
-- Michael Cai, Chief Technology Officer, Vivante Corp
-- Donald Pitt, Sr. Director of Strategic Tech Group, Samsung

March 2009 : WCA Mobile SIG
Femtocells and their consequences for HSPA and LTE
-- Moderator: Stefan Scheinert, Principal, Scheinert Telecom - presentation
-- Peter Walther, Product Manager, mimoOn
-- Dror Nahumi, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners
-- Behzad Mohebbi, CTO, Nextivity
-- Tom McQuade, VP NA Sales, picoChip
-- Michelle Pampin, Wireless Backhaul Specialist

October 2008 : WCA Mobile SIG
The Mobile Search Summit
-- Moderator: Dev Khare, Vice President, Venrock
-- Lee Ott, Director Mobile Web, Yahoo
-- Josh Siegel, Product Manager Mobile Search, Google
-- Greg Carpenter, CEO, Boopsie
-- Mark Grandcolas, EIR, PARC

November 2007 : Mobile SIG
Analyze This! : The 700 MHz Auctions
-- Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes
-- Andrew Seybold, Founder & Principal, Andrew Seybold Inc.
-- Mike Thelander, Chief Executive Officer, Signals Research
-- Clint McClellan, Sr. Director of Market Intelligence, QUALCOMM (moderator)

About the WCA Mobile SIG

The WCA Mobile SIG serves as a forum for communication, exchange of ideas, and partnership in the mobile eco-system. Given the broad nature of the mobile market, this SIG acts to some extent as an umbrella over the more vertically-integrated SIGs such as LBS but also provides insight and education on spectrum issues, mobile operating systems, use models, and associated issues.

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