Location-Based Services SIG

WCA LBS SIG presents: LocationPalooza 2014

October 23rd 2014, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Umpqua Bank, 225 W Santa Clara Street #150, San Jose, CA 95113 (Directions/Map)
Cost: $20 through October 19th, $30 afterwards. Refreshments will be provided.

The Wireless Communications Alliance LBS SIG is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! To celebrate, we are bringing back our most popular event where the "best and brightest" location apps show off why you should be so excited about downloading them. Past presenters at this event include AHA, Glympse, Geodelic, Networks in Motion, and Google Maps.

Pardon the pun, but location is EVERYWHERE these days. It is in the news, it’s on Capitol Hill, and it’s inside your favorite apps.

Join us on Oct 23rd, 2014 to see some cutting-edge, life-changing apps that you'll want to get on your phone NOW, and also get an opportunity to network with movers and shakers in the mobile app industry. The event will be hosted by Umpqua Bank.

Register now at locationpalooza2014.eventbrite.com - Discount registration will end on October 12th - Act now!

-- Paul McBurney, CEO, GopherHush

-- Rob Foley, Director of Partner Development, Glympse
-- Shaheen Kazi, Founder & CEO, Terradash
-- Trak Lord, Media Partnerships & Creative Communications, Waze
-- Steve Statler, CEO, Give The Change and Principal Consultant, Statler Consulting LLC
-- Ben Wild, Co-Founder & CEO, Iotera
-- Marc Jorgensen, Co-Founder, MapU
-- PoleStar

Recent WCA LBS SIG Events

January 2013 : WCA LBS SIG
Context Awareness - Bringing Relevance to Apps
-- Moderator: Mark Evans, Founder of GeoLoco/SociaLoco conferences, Managing Director of ConvergeLabs
-- Hospital: Clark Dodsworth, VP of Product Development, Kimera Systems
-- Social: Neeraj Chawla, CEO and Founder, mPanion
-- E-911: Jan Johansson, Director, Product Management, Polaris Wireless
-- Retail: Vivian Li, VP Marketing, Retailigence

July 2012 : WCA LBS SIG
Xtreme Relevance : Will Indoor Location Deliver in 2013?
-- Moderator: Hugh Fletcher, Head, Network APIs, Verizon Wireless
-- Cedric Dupont, Product Manager, Google
-- Chris Gates, VP – Strategy & Development, NextNav
-- Stéphane Terrenoir, Head of Operations and Engineering, North America, Pole Star USA
-- Ayman Naguib, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm
-- Jessica Tsoong, Co-Founder, WifiSLAM
-- Plus an invited speaker from Nokia

August 2011 : WCA LBS SIG
LocationPalooza! Who Let the Apps Out!?!?
-- Moderator: Marc Kleinmaier, Business Development & Evangelism – LBS, Nokia EDX
-- Bryan Trussel, CEO & Co-Founder, Glympse
-- Dave Elchoness, CEO & Co-Founder, Tagwhat
-- Nick Bicanic, CEO & Co-Founder, EchoEcho
-- Bart McCormick, VP of Business Development, Poynt
-- Richard MacKinnon, CEO, ChimpIt
-- Lawrence Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder, HYVE by DoubleDutch
-- Liz Rice, Vice President, Thrutu
-- Ankit Agarwal, CEO, Micello
-- Sunit Lohtia, CEO, GeoQpons by XYMOB

April 2011 : WCA LBS SIG
Location Apps for Entertainment Seekers!
-- Daniele Calebrese, Founder & CEO, Soundtrkr
-- Preston Cox, Mobile App Consultant, Event Radar
-- Alex Matulich, COO, Event Radar
-- Dave Chambers, Founder, Napa Winery Finder iPhone App & DaveTheWineMerchant.com
NAVTEQ Network for Developers YouTube Video (Soundtrackr)
NAVTEQ Network for Developers YouTube Video (DaveTheWineMerchant)
NAVTEQ Network for Developers YouTube Video (Event Radar)

December 2010 : WCA LBS SIG
LBS Goes Indoors: Maps, Apps & Positioning
-- Moderator: Raj Singh, Co-Founder of YumYum Labs and EIR at Storm Ventures
-- Ankit Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Micello
-- Jerry Luk, Co-founder, Presdo
-- Jeremy Geiger, Founder & CEO, RetaiLigence
-- Robert Schoenfield, VP of North America, Polaris Wireless
-- Kiyo Kubo, CEO, Spotlight Mobile
-- Tristian Lacroix, Managing Partner and VP Business Development, IndoorLBS
-- Josh Marti, Co-Founder & CEO, PointInside
-- Jeremy Agulnek, Director of Product Management, NAVTEQ Global Maps & Content
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline
NAVTEQ Network for Developers YouTube Video (Contains video segments of this event)

October 2010 : WCA LBS SIG
What's Hot About LBS? (Hosted at CTIA SF 2010)
-- Moderator: Philip E. Hendrix Ph.D., Director, immr & Analyst, GigaOM
-- Ian Heidt, Project Lead for Neer (geo-fencing), Qualcomm
-- Larry Magid, Technology Analyst, CBS; Co-director, ConnectSafely.org
-- Eghosa Omoigui, former Technical Assistant to the President, Intel Capital; Investor in LBS companies
-- Sanjaya Krishna, Principal and US Digital Services Leader, KPMG LLP; Vice Chair, Mobile Entertainment Forum
-- Laura Diaz, Verizon Wireless, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development
-- Lawrence Coburn, Double Dutch
-- Rob Reed, MomentFeed
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

July 2010 : WCA LBS SIG
Locationpolooza! Hyperlocal, Social Apps, and Emergency Alerts
-- Jonathon DeLong, EVP of Business Development, ZOS Communications - Presentation
-- Brendan Kenney, New Business Development Manager, Geodelic - Presentation
-- Renato Mascardo, Co-Founder, MotiveCast - Presentation
-- Shawna Pandya, CMO & Co-Founder, Civiguard - Presentation
-- Christian Wiklund, CEO, Skout - Presentation
NAVTEQ Network for Developers YouTube Channel (Contains video segments of this event)
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline
Writeup by Mike Demler

April 2010 : WCA LBS SIG
How Does Mobile Device Selection Influence LBS?
-- Moderator: Hugh Fletcher, Director - Network APIs, Verizon Wireless
-- Scott Hotes, CTO & VP Engineering, WaveMarket, Inc.
-- Marc Kleinmaier, Mgr of LBS Business Development, Nokia
-- Patrick Mork, VP Marketing, GetJar
-- Ashu Pande, VP & GM LBS Infrastructure & Services, SiRF Technology
-- Martin Tannerfors, Director & Mobile Innovator, Samsung Mobile
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

December 2009 : WCA LBS & Mobile SIG
LBS/Mobile Platforms Enabling Great Apps & Services
-- Tony Jebara, CTO, Sense Networks "Lifestyle Segmentation from Mobile Location and Call Data" - Presentation
-- Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, VP of Business Development, Skyhook Wireless "Good Location Matters" - Presentation
-- Leila Modarres, VP of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere "Perfecting LBS Application Development" - Presentation
-- Adam Blum, CEO, Rhomobile "Rapidly Mobilize Your Enterprise Apps to All Smartphones" - Presentation
-- Ellen Schwab, VP of Sales and Business Development, Telespree Communications "Evolution of Wireless Device-based Self-service" - Presentation
-- Tom Owen, VP of Business Development, deCarta "An Integrated Platform for Powering Local Mobile Search and Navigation" - Presentation
-- John Kavulich, Staff Manager Location Products and Services, Qualcomm "Powerful and Precise Location Technology Enhancing the User Experience"
WCA LBS SIG YouTube Channel (Contains video segments of this event)

July 2009 : WCA LBS SIG
On Deck 2009 : LBS Apps for 2010 & Beyond
Sponsors: NAVTEQ & PARC
Handout Document: Download PDF
-- Moderator: Laura Diaz, NAVTEQ - Presentation
-- Alex Zaltsman, TourSpot - Presentation
-- Robert Hylkema, Urban Mapping - Presentation
-- Olivier Ricordel, RealEyes3D - Presentation
-- Lisa LeVasseur, Dial Plus - Presentation
-- Brian Salisbury, Networks in Motion - Presentation
-- Jonathan DeLong, ZOS Communications - Presentation
-- Robert Acker, Aha Mobile - Presentation
-- J.T. Trollman, B4UGo - Presentation
-- Shailendra Jain, Abaqus - Presentation
-- Jenny Lefferts, MADMaps - Presentation
-- Chris Nguyen, Google (Latitude)
-- Srinivas Chervirala, Orange Labs - Presentation

May 2009 : WCA LBS SIG
Teens and their use of LBS
Streaming video and article at Examiner.com (compliments of DelDaix)

January 2009 : WCA LBS SIG
Location-Based Advertising : 2009 and Beyond
-- Brian Levin, Useful Networks
-- Ujjal Kolhi, RhythmNewMedia
-- Ilan Zorman, AdYouNet
-- Blair Swedeen, Placecast
-- David Turner, NAVTEQ

September 2008 : WCA LBS SIG
Location without GNSS: Perspectives and Research
-- Marv White, Chief Technology Officer, Sportvision, Determination of real-time location, orientation and velocity at sporting events
-- Dr. Martin J. Feuerstein, Chief Technology Officer, Polaris Wireless, E-911 Phase II compliance with the use of wireless location signatures
-- Bodhi Priyantha, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research, MIT Cricket and research into network embedded sensors
-- Hitesh Kalra, Chief Technology Officer, SenseIQ, Real-time asset tracking using various RFID and other Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
-- Ismail Guvenc, DoCoMo USA Labs, USA

July 2008 : WCA LBS SIG
On Deck : What's Next In LBS?
Sponsors: NAVTEQ and Forum Nokia
Handout Document: Download PDF
-- Moderator: Tom Tierney (NAVTEQ)
-- ZoneTag and Zurfer (Yahoo)
-- Google Maps (Google)
-- Livecast
-- GeoSpot
-- LightPole
-- SkyMail
Streaming video archive (compliments of DelDaix)

May 2008 : LBS SIG
How LBS is Enabling Auto-Based Exploration
-- David Nishijima, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
-- Chris Butler, Dash Navigation
-- Chris Wilson, TeleAtlas (and former member of Daimler-Chrysler R&D)
-- Richard Fuller, 3SI (moderator)

March 2008 : LBS & RFID SIG (joint-event)
Where's The Stuff? And What's It Doing? Locating And Managing Assets
-- Joshua Slobin, Director of Marketing, Aeroscout - presentation
-- Peter Sidwell, VP of Sales, Trenstar - presentation
-- Richard Fuller PhD, Senior Vice President, Geotrax - presentation
-- Moderator: Beth Kahn, VP of Operations, E-Band Communications

January 2008 : LBS SIG
Introduction To Yahoo Fire Eagle: A User-Location Platform For The Web
-- Mor Naaman, Yahoo Inc.

October 2007 : LBS SIG
Nokia's Approach to Location-Based Services – Devices, Platforms and Solutions
-- Rick Witham, Business Development, Forum Nokia

September 2007 : LBS SIG
Fundamental Approaches to Determining Location
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the September LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Dr. Richard Fuller, Sr. VP, Geotrax Protection LLC (moderator)
-- Geoff Smith, VP Systems Engineering, G2 Microsystems - presentation
-- Todd Young, Director Product & Business Development, Rosum - presentation
-- Dave Reid, Director Wireless Business Development, SiRF

September 2007 : RFID SIG (in partnership w/ the LBS SIG)
Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Yard Management - Increasing the Visibility
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the September RFID + LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Aleks Gollu, Founder & CEO, PINC Solutions - presentation

July 2007 : LBS SIG
WCA Location-Based Services SIG - What Does Location-Based Services Mean To Me? (Panel Session)
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the July LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Beth Kahn, VP Operations, E-Band Communications (moderator)
-- Amir Qamar, Executive Director of Technology Investment Banking, CIBC World Markets - presentation
-- Marsha Kadanoff, VP Marketing, Mobio - presentation
-- David Cole, Director of Business Development, MapQuest
-- Chris Wilson, Program Director, DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology N.A.
-- Cormac Conroy, VP Engineering, Qualcomm

June 2007 : LBS SIG
Location-based Services SIG Kickoff
-- Kris Kolodziej, Chief Technology Officer, Spime Inc. - presentation

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