2012 Events

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December 2012 : WCA CenterStage
The Home of the Future: Intelligent and Connected
-- Moderator: Aileen Arcilla, Director, Wireless Communications Alliance
-- Fabrice Hoerner, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Qualcomm - Presentation
-- Tom Kadlec, Co-Founder, The Homeworks Group - Presentation
-- Gianluca Viale, Product Marketing Manager, Renesas - Presentation
-- Michael Palma, Research Manager, IDC - Presentation
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

November 2012 : WCA CenterStage
What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Mobility 2012
-- Moderator: Raj Singh, Founder & CEO, Tempo AI
-- Omar Javaid, Managing Director, BBO Global
-- Scott Raney, Partner, Redpoint Ventures
-- Tae Hea Nahm, Founding General Partner, Storm Ventures
-- Quinn Li, Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures
-- Kevin Talbot, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Relay Ventures

August 2012 : WCA Smart Grid SIG
Smart Grid Security: Challenges and Solutions
-- Moderator: Stephen McGrath, Director, Wireless Communications Alliance
-- Rohit Khera, Lead Cybersecurity Architect, S&C Electric Company
-- Craig Rosen, Director, Technology Risk & Strategy, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
-- Charles (Chuck) Speicher, Managing Principal, Secure System Center Practice, McAfee
-- Chris Villarreal, Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

July 2012 : WCA LBS SIG
Xtreme Relevance : Will Indoor Location Deliver in 2013?
-- Moderator: Hugh Fletcher, Head, Network APIs, Verizon Wireless
-- Cedric Dupont, Product Manager, Google - Google Video 1, Google Video 2, Google Video 3, Google Video 4, Google Video 5
-- Chris Gates, VP – Strategy & Development, NextNav - Presentation
-- Stéphane Terrenoir, Head of NA Ops and Eng, Pole Star USA
-- Ayman Naguib, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm - Presentation
-- Jessica Tsoong, Co-Founder, WifiSLAM - WiFiSLAM Video
-- Rahul Desai, Sr Product Manager, Nokia - Nokia Video
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline

May 2012 : WCA Smart Grid SIG
Smart Grid Standards Soup: An Update on the State of Smart Grid Standards Evolution
-- Moderator: Erich Gunther, EnerNex / SGIP
-- Toby Considine, Principal, TC9 (Energy Usage Information)
-- Mary Ann Piette, DRRC Research Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Demand Response)
-- Rik Drummond, CEO and Chief Scientist, Drummond Group Inc (Testing)
-- Dean Prochaska, NIST (Standards)
-- Aloke Gupta, CPUC (Regulatory)

April 2012 : WCA Mobile SIG & Futures SIG
Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences
-- Moderator: Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG, WCA - Presentation
-- Carlos Puig, Principal Engineer – Sensor Integration, Qualcomm, Inc. (Event Sponsor) - Presentation
-- Wen Lin, Marketing Manager - iNEMO and Sensor Hub Solutions, STMicroelectronics (Motion) - Presentation
-- John Carey, Director of Marketing - TrueTouch, Cypress Semiconductor - Presentation
-- Seckin Ozdamar, Business Manager - Optical Sensors, Human Interface BU, Maxim Integrated Products - Presentation
-- Michael Karst, General Manager and CEO, Sensirion Inc. (Temperature/Humidity Sensors) - Presentation
Photos & writeup by D.J. Cline
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