2008 Events

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November 2008 : WCA CenterStage (@ WCAI Conference & Expo)
The 9th Annual What's Hot (and What's Not) in Mobility - The VC Panel
-- Zoran Basich, Editor, Dow Jones Venture Wire (Moderator)
-- Berge Ayvazian, CSO, The Yankee Group
-- Tim Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
-- Eric Kainer, Principal, Think Panmure
-- Terry Smith, Entrepreneur in Residence, Sigma Partners
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October 2008 : WCA Mobile SIG
The Mobile Search Summit
-- Moderator: Dev Khare, Vice President, Venrock
-- Lee Ott, Director Mobile Web, Yahoo
-- Josh Siegel, Product Manager Mobile Search, Google
-- Greg Carpenter, CEO, Boopsie
-- Mark Grandcolas, EIR, PARC

October 2008 : RFID SIG
Chipless RFID and Sensors : An Unconventional Approach
-- Dr. Somnath Mukherjee - presentation

September 2008 : WCA LBS SIG
Location without GNSS: Perspectives and Research
-- Marv White, Chief Technology Officer, Sportvision, Determination of real-time location, orientation and velocity at sporting events
-- Dr. Martin J. Feuerstein, Chief Technology Officer, Polaris Wireless, E-911 Phase II compliance with the use of wireless location signatures
-- Bodhi Priyantha, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research, MIT Cricket and research into network embedded sensors
-- Hitesh Kalra, Chief Technology Officer, SenseIQ, Real-time asset tracking using various RFID and other Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
-- Ismail Guvenc, DoCoMo USA Labs, USA

August 2008 : WCA eCLIC SIG
SIP-Aware Wireless Mesh Networks
-- Francis daCosta, Founder & CTO, MeshDynamics - presentation

July 2008 : WCA eCLIC & the 1868 Hayward Earthquake Alliance
Dare to Prepare Bay Area
-- Pat Lanthier, eCLIC SIG Chair, Wireless Communications Alliance - presentation

July 2008 : WCA CenterStage
The 4G Summit
Sponsors: NAVTEQ and Forum Nokia
Handout Document: Download PDF
-- Moderator: Iain Gillott, Founder & President, iGR Inc.
-- Jake MacLeod, Principal Vice President & CTO, Bechtel
-- Barry Davis, Exec Director of Products & Services, Clearwire
-- Jim Orr, Principal Network Architect, Fujitsu Network Communications
-- Jon Hambidge, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, NextWave Wireless
-- Samir Khazaka, Sr Director Technical Marketing, QUALCOMM
-- Gennady Sirota, VP Product Management, Starent
-- Lee Tjio, Director of Advanced Technology & Strategy, Verizon Wireless
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July 2008 : WCA LBS SIG
On Deck : What's Next In LBS?
Sponsors: NAVTEQ and Forum Nokia
Handout Document: Download PDF
-- Moderator: Tom Tierney (NAVTEQ)
-- ZoneTag and Zurfer (Yahoo)
-- Google Maps (Google)
-- Livecast
-- GeoSpot
-- LightPole
-- SkyMail
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July 2008 : WCA RFID SIG
-- Artem Tkachenko, VP Engineering, Wirama - presentation

June 2008 : WCA RFID SIG
Security Risks in RFID Applications
-- Lukas Grunwald, CTO & Co-Founder, NeoCatena Networks Inc. - presentation

April 2008 : WCA RFID SIG
How Do I Get EPCglobal Hardware and Software Certification?
-- Rob Holt, MET Laboratories, Inc.

March 2008 : San Francisco Bay
Naval Postgraduate School + Alameda County Sheriff Dept Interdiction Exercise
-- Report by Robert Stodieck, WCA eCLIC co-chair - Download the exercise report

March 2008 : WCA CenterStage (@ Spring 2008 VON.x)
Whither WiMAX?
-- Seamus McAteer, Sr Analyst, MMetrics (moderator)
-- Rohini Chakravarthy, Principal, New Enterprise Associates
-- Ron Resnick, Chairman, WiMAX Forum
-- Barry Davis, Exec Director Product Planning, Clearwire
-- Tom Gruba, Sr Director Mktg MOTOWi4 and WiMAX, Motorola
-- Ben Vos, VP Core Technologies, Sprint Nextel
-- Paul Sergeant, Sr Mgr WiMAX Mktg, Cisco

March 2008 : LBS & RFID SIG (joint-event)
Where's The Stuff? And What's It Doing? Locating And Managing Assets
-- Joshua Slobin, Director of Marketing, Aeroscout - presentation
-- Peter Sidwell, VP of Sales, Trenstar - presentation
-- Richard Fuller PhD, Senior Vice President, Geotrax
-- Moderator: Beth Kahn, VP of Operations, E-Band Communications

February 2008 : RFID SIG
Physically Securing RFID Systems
-- Mike Gaskill, Senior Director of Sales, MIKOH Corporation Ltd.

January 2008 : WCA LBS SIG
Introduction To Yahoo Fire Eagle: A User-Location Platform For The Web
-- Mor Naaman, Yahoo Inc.