2007 Events

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December 2007 : RFID SIG
Extended Capability RFID: The Advantages of Battery-Assisted Passive RFID
-- Sam Liu, Director of Marketing, Intelleflex - presentation

November 2007 : WCA General Session
Open or Closed? : The Mobile OS Panel
-- Andrew Seybold, Founder & Principal, Andrew Seybold Inc. (Moderator)
-- Rich Miner, Group Manager of Mobile Platforms, Google Inc.
-- Gerardo Dada, Director of Mobile Operators & OEMs, Microsoft Corp.
-- James Ready, CTO, MontaVista Software Inc.
-- Victor Brilon, Convergence Product Manager, Nokia Inc.
-- Alan Brenner, SVP of Blackberry Platforms, Research in Motion Ltd.
-- Jerry Panagrossi, VP of US Operations, Symbian Ltd.
Streaming video archive (compliments of PARC)
DelDaix article on the event
DelDaix article w/ video capture

November 2007 : Metro SIG & The Kelsey Group
Interactive Local Media 2007 (ILM:07)

November 2007 : RFID SIG
Complex Event Processing (CEP) Technology: Handling the RFID Avalanche
-- Mark Tsimelzon, Founder, President and CTO, Coral8 - presentation

November 2007 : Mobile SIG
Analyze This! : The 700 MHz Auctions
-- Clint McClellan, Sr. Director of Market Intelligence, QUALCOMM (moderator)
-- Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes
-- Andrew Seybold, Founder & Principal, Andrew Seybold Inc. - YouTube Video of Andy Seybold speaking
-- Mike Thelander, Chief Executive Officer, Signals Research - YouTube Video of Mike Thelander speaking

October 2007 : LBS SIG
Nokia's Approach to Location-Based Services – Devices, Platforms and Solutions
-- Rick Witham, Business Development, Forum Nokia

October 2007 : RFID SIG
Roles, Responsibilities, and Realities of the Coming Roll-out of Near Field Communication (NFC)
-- Hans Reisgies, Business Development, ViVOtech

September 2007 : LBS SIG
Fundamental Approaches to Determining Location
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the September LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Dr. Richard Fuller, Sr. VP, Geotrax Protection LLC (moderator)
-- Geoff Smith, VP Systems Engineering, G2 Microsystems - presentation
-- Todd Young, Director Product & Business Development, Rosum - presentation
-- Dave Reid, Director Wireless Business Development, SiRF

September 2007 : WCA General Session
Second Annual Gizmos & Gadgets
-- Dr. Steve Goldberg, Owner, AirAccess Communications (Moderator)
-- Geoff Giese, VP Marketing, Azure Communications
-- Art Lange, Senior Engineer, Trimble
-- Dave Whetstone, CEO, CloneFone
-- David Ulmer, Sr. Director, Motorola
-- Cindy Ping, Sr. Marketing Manager, QUALCOMM

September 2007 : RFID SIG (in partnership w/ the LBS SIG)
Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Yard Management - Increasing the Visibility
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the September RFID + LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Aleks Gollu, Founder & CEO, PINC Solutions - presentation

August 2007 : WCA General Session
Mobile Broadband - Analyzing The Mobile Handset Value Chain
-- Clint McClellan, Sr Director of Market Intelligence, QUALCOMM - presentation
-- David Witkowski, Vice President, Wireless Communications Alliance

August 2007 : RFID SIG
RFID and Label Converters: Uh Oh!
-- Tim Hirabayashi, Director of RFID Applications, Cellotape - presentation

July 2007 : RFID SIG
Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) : Wi-Fi or Proprietary Active RFID?
-- Hitesh Kalra, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, SenseIQ - presentation

July 2007 : WCA General Session + eCLIC SIG
Wireless To The Rescue - Communications in a Day After Scenario
-- Rick Ellinger, President, WCA & Director, Disaster Planning Initiative, JVSV - presentation
-- Pat Lanthier, Chairman, WCA Emergency Communications Leadership and Innovation Center - presentation
-- Floyd Wilson, Facilities Director, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District & Co-Founder, Livermore Info Net Collaborative (LINC) - presentation
-- Dipak Basu, Program Director, INSTEDD & Project Leader, Community Disaster Networking Initiative - presentation
-- Sue Leonard, Director Homeland Security, AT&T

July 2007 : LBS SIG
WCA Location-Based Services SIG - What Does Location-Based Services Mean To Me? (Panel Session)
WCA SIG Newsletter : Naomi Morita reports on the July LBS SIG event - newsletter
-- Beth Kahn, VP Operations, E-Band Communications (moderator)
-- Amir Qamar, Executive Director of Technology Investment Banking, CIBC World Markets - presentation
-- Marsha Kadanoff, VP Marketing, Mobio - presentation
-- David Cole, Director of Business Development, MapQuest
-- Chris Wilson, Program Director, DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology N.A.
-- Cormac Conroy, VP Engineering, Qualcomm - presentation

June 2007 : Special Event
Ready2Net: Community Broadband - Facing The Real Issues
(This event was held in conjunction with the CSU WeTEC Wireless Community & Mobile User Conference in Monterey, CA)
-- Gary Bolles, President, MuniWireless.com (moderator)
-- Chris Vien, CIO, City & County of San Francisco
-- Larry Alder, Project Manager, Google
-- Steve Blum, President, Tellus Venture Associates
-- Rick Ellinger, President, WCA & Director, Disaster Planning Initiative, JVSV
-- Gilbert Gonzales, CIO, CSU Monterey Bay
-- Patrick J. Leary, AVP WISP Markets, Alvarion
-- Anne Neville, Manager for the California Broadband Initiative, California Business, Transportation and Housing (BTH) Agency
-- Ellis M. Berns, Economic Development Manager, City of Mountain View
-- Heather Hudson, Ph.D. J.D., Director Communications Technology Management Program, University of San Francisco
-- Stefan Lopatkiewicz, Esquire, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
-- Dr. Rollin C. Richmond, President, CSU Humboldt
Streaming video archive (via CSU WETEC)

June 2007 : General Session + RFID SIG
If Not Wal-Mart, Who? (Panel session)
-- Brian Hajime Ogata, Chair, WCA RFID SIG (moderator) - presentation
-- Karen Saunders, City Librarian, Santa Clara City Library - presentation
-- Mike Gaskill, Director, Hardware System Sales, Venture Research, Inc.
-- Tim Short, Senior Director, Sales and Business Development, InSync Software - presentation
-- Richard Swan Ph.D., CTO & Co-founder, T3Ci - presentation

June 2007 : LBS SIG
Location-based Services SIG Kickoff
-- Kris Kolodziej, Chief Technology Officer, Spime Inc. - presentation

May 2007 : eCLIC SIG
Emergency Communications 2.0
 (This event was a live exercise/drill held at Stanford Linear Accelerator)

May 2007 : General Session
Whither Cellular? -- An Interview with Martin Cooper
-- Martin Cooper, Exec Chairman and Co-Founder, Arraycomm
-- Interviewer: Sarah Tribble, Business Writer, San Jose Mercury News

April 2007 : General Session
Next-Generation Location-Based Services, Applications, and Products
-- Kanwar Chadha, Founder, member of the Board, and VP Mktg for SiRF
-- John Ellenby, Co-founder, President & CEO, GeoVector
-- Jaap Groot, CEO and Founder, Teydo Holding Inc
-- Mark Jacobstein, EVP Corporate Dev & Mktg, Loopt
-- Mike McMullen, Product Manager/Product Realization, Sprint PCS

April 2007 : RFID SIG
RFID Made Visible
-- Dr. Chris Parkinson, President and CEO, Integral RFID

April 2007 : eCLIC SIG
New Age Emergency Communications -- Real Lessons from the Field
-- Dr. Bill Dunlop & Team, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore
-- Dr. Alex Bordetsky & Team, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey

March 2007 : RFID SIG
Find Your Loved Ones for $1
-- Patrick Houghton, President & CEO, Æther Wire & Location - presentation

March 2007 : General Session + Metro SIG
The Play of Network Neutrality in Free and Paid Broadband Networks
 (This event was held in conjunction with the VON Spring 2007 Expo in San Jose)
-- Ilan Zorman, Chair, WCA MetroSIG (Moderator)
-- Ashish Sharma, Sr. Director Business Development, Alvarion - presentation
-- Glenn Richards, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
-- Pat Lanthier, Principal, Rivera/Lanthier & Associates
-- Ken Biba, Managing Director, Novarum - presentation

February 2007 : General Session
The Third Screen
-- Mark Steele, VP Worldwide OEM (Enterprise Mobility), Motorola - presentation
-- Nasser Iravani, Director of Americas, Nokia

February 2007 : RFID SIG
-- Priyanka Khaitan, Solution Manager for RFID, SAP Labs - presentation

February 2007 : eCLIC SIG
Innovative eCLIC Technology...NOW!
-- Richard Santina, Safety and Security Systems BU, Cisco
-- Rakesh Bharania, Safety and Security Systems BU, Cisco
-- Clarence Boice, President, IPS
-- Jason Schwark, SAIC

January 2007 : RFID SIG
Supply Chains and RFID
-- Alan Spector - presentation

January 2007 : General Session
What's Hot (and What's Not) in Wireless: the VC Panel
 (This event was held in conjunction with WCAI 2005 San Jose)
-- Tim Chang, Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners (moderator)
-- Dale R. Pfau, Partner, enVia Partners
-- Dan Rosenthal, Principal, Mayfield
-- Fred Wang, General Partner, Trinity
-- Eric Zimits, Managing Director, Granite Ventures