2005 Events

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November 2005 : General Session
Emergency Response - Wireless Communications as the Key to Information Sharing
-- Thomas B. Worden, CTO, California Office of Emergency Services - presentation
-- Brian Steckler, Director, Naval Postgraduate School - presentation

October 2005 : General Session
Wireless “Trading Aces” Panel - Public Market Investment Trends and Opportunities
 (This event was held in conjunction with ISPCON 2005 Santa Clara)

September 2005 : General Session
Milpitas Police WiFi in Action - 1 Year Status Report
-- Bill Marion, Director of IS, City of Milpitas - presentation
Cognitive Radios Drive a Transformation in Spectrum Utilization Technologies
-- Lloyd Nirenberg, Shannon-Bayes - presentation

August 2005 : General Session
The MVNO Battleground
-- Matt Johnson, CEO, Visage Mobile
Roadside Wireless
-- Dr. Wieland Holfelder, VP/CTO of DaimlerChrysler R&D NA - presentation

July 2005 : General Session
Status of Broadband over Powerline (BPL)
-- Clark Gellings, VP, Electric Power Research Institute - presentation
Wi-Fi - What happens next?
-- Jeff Abramowitz, Director, Broadcom - presentation

June 2005 : General Session
-- Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, VP of Engineering, Qualcomm - presentation

May 2005 : General Session
Innovations in Wireless Components
Aligning Process Technology to Enable the Next Generation of Wireless Products
-- Paul Kempf, CT&SO, Jazz Semiconductor - presentation
A Single-Chip Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Transceiver
-- Dr. Jacques C. Rudell, Design Manager, Berkana Wireless - presentation
Duplexers - Importance in cellular phone performance (FBAR Technology)
-- Dr. Richard Ruby, Director, Agilent - presentation
Antenna Design Considerations and Volumetric Constraints
-- Dr. Frank Caimi, CTO, Skycross Antennas - presentation

April 2005 : General Session
Wireless Broadband Data Communications
-- Benjamin Friedlander Ph.D., Professor, UC Santa Cruz - presentation

March 2005 : General Session + RFID SIG
RFID - The Three Ring Circus
-- Joy Maguire, "Wireless Week Influential Woman in Wireless" Award Winner - presentation
-- Dr. Julia Zhu, Savi Technology - presentation
-- Rob Zajac, Duel Systems - presentation
-- Aaron Cheatham, Mobius Venture Capital - presentation
-- Pete Henry, Cognizant Technology Solutions - presentation

February 2005 : General Session
Wireless Applications in Mobile Telematics and Safety
-- Peter Marcotullio, Director, SRI International
ZigBee - Applications to Monitoring and Control
-- Bhupender Virk, Pres & CEO, CompXs

January 2005 : General Session
What's Hot (and What's Not) in Wireless
 (This event was held in conjunction with WCAI 2005 San Jose)