History, Goals, and Mission

Founded in 1994 the Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA) is a non-profit business league dedicated to providing Education, Connection, and Community to the wireless industry.

Supporting academia and technical education is a primary goal of the WCA. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley, the WCA is near several world-class universities, colleges, and think tanks. Despite the meteoric rise in mobile technology, research has shown that only 5% of incoming college freshmen identify wireless as a career goal. To help ensure a strong talent pool in the coming decade the WCA invites college students to attend our events at no charge in the hopes that exposure to the wireless industry will encourage the them to shift their major and course focus towards wireless.

The WCA is led by an all-volunteer board of directors, and traces its beginning to a Joint Venture Silicon Valley partnering workshop in May 1993. The event was co-sponsored by the Silicon Valley Defense/Space Consortium, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, and the City of San Jose. Wireless communications was featured as one of six technology focus areas. Interest was shown in developing a regional wireless association and a formation meeting was held the following month at HP Labs. The WCA was incorporated as a California 501(c)(6) in April, 1994.

Events have been held on a regular basis since July 1993; each dealing with an aspect of wireless communications. The WCA serves hundreds of companies, organizations, universities and academic research groups and reaches an audience of over 4,500 people via our direct marketing and social networking channels. Representation in the audience is well-balanced between engineering, management, academic, and marketing.