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WCA Mobile SIG presents: Smartphone-Connected Mobile Things: Beyond the Wearables

May 7th 2015, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Check-in begins at 6pm, Event starts at 7pm)
Venue: Cadence Design Systems - Building 10 Auditorium, Cadence Place, San Jose, CA 95134
Cost: $20 through April 26th, $30 afterwards. There will be a drawing for some free mThings courtesy of Broadcom, Variable, and NewSpin Sports! Light meals, drinks, and refreshments will be provided.

With half of the global population connected to Mobile Internet by 2020 and smartphones and app platforms peaking in maturity (in form, fit & function) the next era of mobile industry is shaping up -- Smartphone-connected Mobile Things (mThings). Ironically, the most compelling values to consumers are simplicity (non-invasive UX) and practical usefulness -- one size does not fit all users. The lack of consumer traction with "me too" wearables that merely present contextless set of data provides good evidence.

Conversely, smartphone-connected mThings that are attractive to consumers tend to give one specialized value very convincingly yet in a very simple, intuitive way. Take, for example, a modular device that senses various object colors or ambient air quality, or motion sensor mounts that coach your golf or tennis swings, or molecular sensor device that analyzes chemical make-up of food and materials, or a smart key lock or a tag that interacts with your valuables, or a smarter wearable that gives actionable, specialized health advice not sensors data -- all of which simply work with any Android phones or iPhones and an app as a hub. These smart mThings will delight consumer's specific needs for useful contexts that are actually valued – each consumer could end up owning a portfolio of mThings that matter most for him/her and work with any smartphone. Depending on market traction, we may soon see mThings winners selling in the tens of millions to loyal consumers, compared to the “me too” wearables that ends up selling in fragmented tens of thousands units.

So, what specific smart contexts sensing and UX enabled by such mThings would offer the biggest market growth opportunities and improve consumer daily lives? How is the consumerization of the industrial / military / medical-grade technologies enabling such disruptive consumer devices by way of miniaturization of electronics footprint and smarter sensors? Will the most widely adopted mThings UX eventually be integrated into smartphones, or will cost/form-factor restrictions prevent that? Smartphone Bluetooth pairing issues pervade and Wi-Fi is too power hungry - so, will connectivity challenges slow down adoption? Also, how can mThings connected through smartphone app hubs converge with broader IoT ecosystems? What compelling killer apps and services will be built around mThings? How should API and ecosystem evolve as more similar featured mThings makers pervade to avoid fragmentations seen in wearables?

Our panel of innovators will address these and other questions. This event will focus on mThings that extend smartphones and shadow the consumers, as opposed to general IoT or connected home devices that work independently of smartphones. They will discuss how such mThings trends will fuel the next era of mobile industry growth. This WCA event will enlighten you on what disruptive technologies, unique opportunities and challenges will arise as the mThings ecosystem matures.

Register now to attend this event. There will be a drawing for some free mThings courtesy of Broadcom, Variable, and NewSpin Sports! Light meals and refreshments will be provided.

-- Mark Hung, VP of Research - Wireless and IoT, Gartner

-- George Yu, Founder and CEO, Variable
-- Sanjay Bhandari, VP of Engineering, mCube
-- Tom McClaughry, Founder and CEO, NewSpin Sports
-- Jack Al-Kahwati, Founder and CEO, Velo Labs
-- Jeff Baer, Director of Product Marketing - Embedded Wireless, Broadcom Corporation
-- ...and more

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April 21st - 22nd 2015
WCA Partner Event: Wi-Fi Innovation Summit
San Mateo Marriott SFO, San Mateo CA

The best time to get involved in Wi-Fi was 15 years ago. The second best time is now. That's why we're bringing the entire diverse public Wi-Fi industry together for the most important Wi-Fi event of the year. Our mission is to inform, connect, challenge, and inspire. WIS2015 is not just a conference. It's a thought leadership function.

This time we're doing it 'TED Talks'-style with more than 30 great speakers from the world's tech and service provider leaders. We're already in the Wi-Fi Age. And this is your opportunity to get involved.

WCA is partnering with WIS2015 and has negotiated a special discount rate for our audience. Use code "WIS2015WCA" to save 20% on registration for either the Innovation Day or Carrier Day single-day passes, or the Gold Pass which covers both days. Act now, the Early Bird Deadline is Friday March 13th! (Please note the code is not valid for the already-discounted Long-Distance Delegate or Government Employee passes.)

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Register now to attend WIS2015 - the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit.


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